Kill Them With Kindness

Kill Them With Kindness

I’ve not written in a while and I am determined to amend that. However, I’d like to have a chat to you about a big topic. I hope you don’t mind…

The laws being passed in American about abortion and LGBTQI+ couples adopting have becoming overwhelming and I fail to understand why they are happening. Laws were passed in what seemed like less than 5 days with little logic and no real weight.


Now, I am very aware of my privilege and that I have not been directly affected which is why this is so important. I am a white, middle class, heterosexual, cisgender woman who has not had to have an abortion in her life. Messaging a friend of mine after she posted a photo about the new laws in Alabama and Georgia and she said that “it’s [us] who have a voice and live in relative freedom have to stand”, and I couldn’t agree more.

I have noticed that folks in a similar position to mine might not speak out about these things; they don’t have the time or want to be seen as forward. Or maybe they have become complacent thinking there are enough people out there voicing similar opinions that they don’t need to. I will say now that we need to change that! Fine, you felt that way, everyone has had moments like that, but it’s times like this that need you the most.

Social media is a powerful thing, so let’s use it. Share a post, write a tweet, blog about your opinion. But by all means, do it with kindness. We have the voice so we must use it. By asking questions and sharing facts, we can use it to avoid the idea that to be heard is to be loud and closed minded.

Helpful points

I do feel like my post has gone off into a tangent so let me summarise:

1) Pro – choice is not just pro – abortion. It’s the right to decide whether a woman wants to bring up her rapist’s child, whether she is ready at 17 after the condom split with her partner of a year. Whether she wants to bring a child up after she was evicted from her home and her boyfriend left her. It. Is. A. Choice.

2) If you’re going to enforce the anti-abortion law, why on earth does it then make sense to deny LGBTQI+ couples the right to adoption if an agency wishes? This is something I just cannot fathom!

3) Open your mind! I’m at risk at sounding a bit like Professor Trelawney here, but honestly, open and broaden your mind to acceptance. You’ll find the world is a whole lot more beautiful that way.

A finally, just a little note to the chaps as I’ve been seeing many a comment from men on this: Gentleman, if you have ever felt pressured by the feminist movement and have found it necessary to state “not all men etc” at any point, please remember this; when feminists talk about equality, we talk about both sexes as a whole.

When men are generalised, there is no need to be on the defensive  And the only reason there is more chat about women’s rights at the moment is because a lot of the stuff going on is subject to women. So support as best you can and try to avoid the “but I didn’t!” remarks. We know it probably wasn’t you, Dennis, so please calm down. X

Letters To The Earth


Today, I had the intention to write about food. Anyone who knows me knows I love food and also love to Instagram about my delicious creations. However, a few hours ago, a news article caught my eye. It was called “Letters to Earth”. I read a little about it and have an overwhelming urge to contribute to the project. This might be a bit of a hard hitting blog and if it upsets you, please stop reading and come back another day. I do not intend to make anyone sad, only to start thinking. Maybe start doing.

But what is it?!

Of course, you’re sat there thinking “But what is it?! Tell us Goddammit!” And I will.

The Letters to the Earth project is “an invitation to write a letter of response to [the climate] crisis. This could be a letter to or from the Earth, future or past generations, those who hold positions of power and influence, other species. The idea is open to interpretation: it can come from a personal place, be dramatic in form, be a call to action.

The invitation is open to all – to think beyond the human narrative and to bear witness to the scale and horror of this crisis.” The project takes place on the 12th April, with many theatres, arts venues and community spaces taking part in sharing these letters, including The Royal Court Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and The Arcola Theatre.

I wanted to get involved; by writing a letter and perhaps performing something too. What I’d like to do with this project is not get anyone to make huge life changes or to necessarily small ones. I am doing this to say ‘I’, Emma Jenkin, is going to try and do something. That’s all.

If you, dear reader, also feel that way, then good on you!

I shall now leave you with my own little letter.

“Letters To Earth: Dear Earth”

“Dear Earth,
I hope you’re well. You looked positively radiant the last time I saw you. Thank you so much for the warm whether you sent  over the summer. It was a joy to be out in the sun as we don’t usually see it here in England. Don’t think I didn’t love it, but would you mind making it just a little cooler next time please? Oh, I also heard from those cheeky bears up North and they’ve sent so many selfies of the extension  to their pool. Getting rid of that ice has really helped speed that process along.
I’ve also managed to build a few more factories to help process the resources you made but, if I’m truly honest, you’ve made it a lot harder to find nowadays. I’d appreciate it if you stopped playing hide and seek with them. Oil won’t sell itself! *laughing face*

Anyway, I best let you be. But before I go, can you schedule a few more forests to be grown before next week please? I need more paper. I need more plastic. I need more palm oil. I need more chewing gum. I need, I need , I need…
Thanks! You’re the best! Love, Humanity.

Dear Earth,
Look, I said I was sorry… What else do you want me to say? Okay, not my best start. I’m just worried about you. You’ve been looking really under the weather lately and I want to help… I bought a bag for life. I gave up meat on Monday lunch times. I even told Carol she didn’t need that straw with her gin and tonic… Did that not help?! I’ve noticed the polar bears are looking a little slimmer. Good for them! Well, apparently not.
I didn’t mean to do it! I didn’t mean to ignore the signs! I didn’t mean to be greedy!  No one told me I was wrong! … Except you. You told me through the air, the trees, the water, the rain. I just didn’t listen. I’m so sorry, Earth. Will you be able to forgive me? Will you have enough time to forgive me?


Love, Humanity. ”

Find out more about Letters To The Earth here:

Here, There and Back Again

Struggling with Homesickness and Loneliness

February 2019, it’s lovely to see you … What do you mean it’s March?! Okay, I’ll put my hands up; my blog post a month hasn’t gone according to plan, but it can be fixed. You get two this month, you lucky ducks!

This month saw me return from my work in China to England for a glorious few weeks. Friends, family and adventures all crammed into 27 days of loveliness! I shall say now I am not intending any of this to sound like I am boasting and apologise if it reads as such. I understand I am privileged to do these things and every day I remember how lucky I am.

While home, my days included snowy walks, a weekend get-a-way, glorious food (A LOT of food) and theatre shows that I have been excited about for well over a month.

All these things meant returning back to work became a heartache as

opposed to a joy. I want to be honest about how I felt for the first few days being back abroad and how it played on my mind. Overall, I was homesick for, not only my partner, family and friends but for the familiarity of England and the, in particular, the ease of understanding. In China, the language plays a big part in feeling comfortable. It’s incredible how we take communication for granted and being here, in a place where the language is particularly tricky to learn, does put a strain on feeling at home.

Loneliness and ways to overcome it

I’m dedicating this to anyone in a similar position or may even do this job themselves in the future. Loneliness can occur wherever but, in my case, I want to talk about it in a working environment. I’ve had two jobs that have felt isolating, but I can look back on them and be incredibly proud of what I’ve done.  Here is a  list of ways that helped me feel more present and relaxed being away from home.

Top Tips

  1. The Bigger Picture. The main thing helping me while I’m away is remembering how amazing it’ll be once I’ve completed the contract and I can go forward saying I’ve done it. I know it will look great on a CV and it can set me up for my future endeavours.
  2. Local Network. There are a wonderful collection of people here in Chengdu that are all here doing what I’m doing. I was lucky that I had a way to be in contact with a group of folks before I arrived so it made things easier, even if the first time I met the foreign community here wasn’t until four weeks into my stay.
  3. Personal Planning. Keeping myself busy by planning out my social time and  my work duties allows me to focus on the present. Stops my head wondering into the things I might be missing back home.
  4. The joy your work is bringing to others. performance brings great joy to an audience and to the performer. It links back to having a focus and throwing yourself into a show allows time to fly, particularly helpful in a position like mine. It makes me enjoy being here as well as knowing I’m closer to going home.

A long post today but I hope this comforts anyone planning a long term adventure of their own. Thank you for your time and keep smiling! X

New Year, New Idea

Good afternoon thespians, strangers, family and any animal that has developed incredible computer skills. I owe a small apology… I have not been writing like I said I would be. Granted, I don’t expect too many readers here, but I am accountable for my own actions and I am shocked at myself for saying so little in 2018!

So, this is where one of my resolutions kicks in; 2019 will see me write at least one blog post a month. Just to keep things ticking along nicely. I think it’s nice to know what you’re up to. If I lost my memory, this would be a good place to start, right? … Hopefully it won’t come to that.

 The wonderful Megan Vernon ( inspired me to get my bottom in gear and start telling you all what I’m up to. A brilliant blog so you must go and have a read if you have a moment spare!

So, as I sit in my bed, body aching with a chest cough that  won’t quit, I thought there is no time like the present. I’m already binge watching Bones so I might as well make the most of my computer time and put it to good use.

What are you doing, Emma?!

What I have been up to? I am currently in Chengdu, China. By day, I am working as a theatre practitioner with The David Glass Ensemble, and by night, I’m either in the gym or sloth-ing around waiting for a food delivery (you can order everything here!). I don’t want anyone to take this as a gloat; it’s hard to be this far away from everyone you hold dear, especially  when the language is so difficult to get your head around. However, I’m very grateful for the opportunity I have been given and wish all of my peers and readers a success just as wonderful.

I’ll conclude my first post of 2019 with this: it’s a new year, so it’s time for new goals. Support each other in their endeavours and keep smiling. Sorry to sound corny to end this… Here’s a picture of me and a panda:

Happy New Year. X

Yo Ho, an Actor’s life for me!

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post. To be honest, it wasn’t a lack of time or not having any ideas to write about but it was due to the fact that nothing has been happening! Today, sat on my sofa, a glorious Monday shinning through my living room windows, only when I prepare for quite an exciting week, do I decide to write about the fact I’ve not been doing much at all in the recent days (and months). The irony! Or even hypocrisy of it all!

My last post shared with you my graduation story and a little bit of what was coming up next but did I really explain what I was doing? Well, let’s have a look.

The time line of Emma Jenkin which I have so named ‘From Bath to Bamboozled‘ … It may need work…


July-September: Entertaining at a holiday park in the Exeter countryside. A familiar scene and one I dare say I miss a little. My roles included dressing up as one of two bears, prancing around a stage to a multitude of music, acting as one of the many children whilst my co-workers actually tried to do the job you were paid for and a whole lot of singing and dancing! Not to mention a cheeky gym session here and there.

September – November: Three days of rehearsals, over 40 songs learnt and six delightful costume changes accumulating in to two one hour shows ! Boy, was that a brilliant but exhausting tour. Me, myself and I continued with entertaining but on a much more personal level. I toured the south of England and Wales performing in nursing and care homes. It was incredible! The only difficulties were driving in London, having less time than the distance it took me to get there and being by myself for eight weeks! There’s only so much car karaoke one person can endure of themselves!

November – December:  TAKE A BREAK! STAY WITH US FOR THE SUMMER, LETS GO UPSTATE! Okay, I’m no Schuyler sister, but I did allow myself to have some holiday. I had been working six day weeks for four months, half of that by myself, so I was ready for a holiday. Tenerife was a lovely gift to myself!

December – Christmas Eve Eve: Elfing around! For the holiday season, I was able to share my excitement for Christmas with children and parents around the London area as one of two story telling elves. We were six teams of two and had our own areas to cover in the run up to Christmas. One home even gave us Christmas cookies! This was a huge amount of fun but the days were long. Due to a car mishap, it meant I couldn’t keep doing this for the contracted time, but I did mean an earlier trip back to my family for Christmas, even if it did mean a jam packed train from Paddington Station!

Following Christmas… what happened?

In my position, having worked for a large part of last year and working during university, I had saved up pennies to allow myself a few months of pure acting applications. The odd role came through, however it was usually for peanuts and given my new base in Lincolnshire, most of the money I made would go on travel anyway. As an actor starting out, that didn’t bother me too much as I was still able to gain experience, expand showreels and what not without being too out of pocket, but there is only so much of that you can do. Performers in any field work incredibly hard and unfortunately it’s very easy for employers to get cheap work outside of Equity agreements as every performer just wants to be in work.

Only very recently have I gotten some part-time work to keep myself ticking over as I find the acting I want to be doing. No one said this was easy. No one said it would be inexpensive. One of the things they did say; keep going! They also said ‘make your own work’ which, in all honesty, I didn’t truly believe until my little hiatus and I saw many of my university peers and companies I admire getting out there and doing it. Initially, I looked at them and was almost envious, thinking up excuses for them like ‘Of course they can do it, they live so close to London’ or ‘They went to a drama school and got and easy ride’. I slapped myself on a wrist and gave myself a stern talking to. What good comes from being bitter about those who are doing it? What did you do today? Sit on your bottom and think about what you could be doing? Go out and do it, Emma! It’s not going to come to you! Make it happen!

In summary, an actor’s life is not the easiest. Heck, it’s not even the most glamorous unless you’re earning enough to be glamorous. But it will certainly be an achievement when you get there and if you get off your bottom and start doing things, in time, you will get there. (That was definitely just a pep talk for myself there!) Have a wonderful day! X

Graduation and the Unknown

My Graduation. Bath Spa University on the 21st July 2017. Yep, there I was with my three housemates who became three of my closest friends. Don’t we look fabulous?! We had our ceremony in Bath Abbey; anyone who has been to visit the historic city will know just how grand it is. If you have been to a graduation before, you’ll know that, usually, it is very respectable and you watch and applaud with appreciation for all collecting their degrees. Not us. A mix of acting, drama, music and theatre production students caused uproar, but in the best of ways! Cheers and whistles at any joke a professor said or for our friends as they collected their certificates. It was the last time my forty eight classmates and I would be together for a very long time.

It didn’t register me then just what was happening, as I knew in two days I would be back out of my home in Cornwall for seven weeks of entertaining children and dressing up as a giant bear, so my mind was just on my next  step of something I’d been doing every summer for the past three years. Since starting that month of entertaining, I have been all over the place, literally and figuratively; being alone on tour, trying to find what’s next and making changes to what I’ve known for twenty one years of my life. Adulthood: it’s terrifying, but I know I can do it.

This is my first blog post so thanking for taking the time to read it, or at least, up to this point. With it, I hope to document my journey, my hobbies, my beliefs and, maybe one day, advice that you may appreciate if you’re an actor, singer, dancer, entertainer or otherwise. If you’ve got a goal, you’ll reach it. I know what my goal is, and it may seem a bit like more of a dream at this stage, but I know it’ll come if I work hard enough for it.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

Keep Smiling! X