Letters To The Earth


Today, I had the intention to write about food. Anyone who knows me knows I love food and also love to Instagram about my delicious creations. However, a few hours ago, a news article caught my eye. It was called “Letters to Earth”. I read a little about it and have an overwhelming urge to contribute to the project. This might be a bit of a hard hitting blog and if it upsets you, please stop reading and come back another day. I do not intend to make anyone sad, only to start thinking. Maybe start doing.

But what is it?!

Of course, you’re sat there thinking “But what is it?! Tell us Goddammit!” And I will.

The Letters to the Earth project is “an invitation to write a letter of response to [the climate] crisis. This could be a letter to or from the Earth, future or past generations, those who hold positions of power and influence, other species. The idea is open to interpretation: it can come from a personal place, be dramatic in form, be a call to action.

The invitation is open to all – to think beyond the human narrative and to bear witness to the scale and horror of this crisis.” The project takes place on the 12th April, with many theatres, arts venues and community spaces taking part in sharing these letters, including The Royal Court Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and The Arcola Theatre.

I wanted to get involved; by writing a letter and perhaps performing something too. What I’d like to do with this project is not get anyone to make huge life changes or to necessarily small ones. I am doing this to say ‘I’, Emma Jenkin, is going to try and do something. That’s all.

If you, dear reader, also feel that way, then good on you!

I shall now leave you with my own little letter.

“Letters To Earth: Dear Earth”

“Dear Earth,
I hope you’re well. You looked positively radiant the last time I saw you. Thank you so much for the warm whether you sent  over the summer. It was a joy to be out in the sun as we don’t usually see it here in England. Don’t think I didn’t love it, but would you mind making it just a little cooler next time please? Oh, I also heard from those cheeky bears up North and they’ve sent so many selfies of the extension  to their pool. Getting rid of that ice has really helped speed that process along.
I’ve also managed to build a few more factories to help process the resources you made but, if I’m truly honest, you’ve made it a lot harder to find nowadays. I’d appreciate it if you stopped playing hide and seek with them. Oil won’t sell itself! *laughing face*

Anyway, I best let you be. But before I go, can you schedule a few more forests to be grown before next week please? I need more paper. I need more plastic. I need more palm oil. I need more chewing gum. I need, I need , I need…
Thanks! You’re the best! Love, Humanity.

Dear Earth,
Look, I said I was sorry… What else do you want me to say? Okay, not my best start. I’m just worried about you. You’ve been looking really under the weather lately and I want to help… I bought a bag for life. I gave up meat on Monday lunch times. I even told Carol she didn’t need that straw with her gin and tonic… Did that not help?! I’ve noticed the polar bears are looking a little slimmer. Good for them! Well, apparently not.
I didn’t mean to do it! I didn’t mean to ignore the signs! I didn’t mean to be greedy!  No one told me I was wrong! … Except you. You told me through the air, the trees, the water, the rain. I just didn’t listen. I’m so sorry, Earth. Will you be able to forgive me? Will you have enough time to forgive me?


Love, Humanity. ”

Find out more about Letters To The Earth here: https://www.letterstotheearth.com/

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