Kill Them With Kindness

Kill Them With Kindness

I’ve not written in a while and I am determined to amend that. However, I’d like to have a chat to you about a big topic. I hope you don’t mind…

The laws being passed in American about abortion and LGBTQI+ couples adopting have becoming overwhelming and I fail to understand why they are happening. Laws were passed in what seemed like less than 5 days with little logic and no real weight.


Now, I am very aware of my privilege and that I have not been directly affected which is why this is so important. I am a white, middle class, heterosexual, cisgender woman who has not had to have an abortion in her life. Messaging a friend of mine after she posted a photo about the new laws in Alabama and Georgia and she said that “it’s [us] who have a voice and live in relative freedom have to stand”, and I couldn’t agree more.

I have noticed that folks in a similar position to mine might not speak out about these things; they don’t have the time or want to be seen as forward. Or maybe they have become complacent thinking there are enough people out there voicing similar opinions that they don’t need to. I will say now that we need to change that! Fine, you felt that way, everyone has had moments like that, but it’s times like this that need you the most.

Social media is a powerful thing, so let’s use it. Share a post, write a tweet, blog about your opinion. But by all means, do it with kindness. We have the voice so we must use it. By asking questions and sharing facts, we can use it to avoid the idea that to be heard is to be loud and closed minded.

Helpful points

I do feel like my post has gone off into a tangent so let me summarise:

1) Pro – choice is not just pro – abortion. It’s the right to decide whether a woman wants to bring up her rapist’s child, whether she is ready at 17 after the condom split with her partner of a year. Whether she wants to bring a child up after she was evicted from her home and her boyfriend left her. It. Is. A. Choice.

2) If you’re going to enforce the anti-abortion law, why on earth does it then make sense to deny LGBTQI+ couples the right to adoption if an agency wishes? This is something I just cannot fathom!

3) Open your mind! I’m at risk at sounding a bit like Professor Trelawney here, but honestly, open and broaden your mind to acceptance. You’ll find the world is a whole lot more beautiful that way.

A finally, just a little note to the chaps as I’ve been seeing many a comment from men on this: Gentleman, if you have ever felt pressured by the feminist movement and have found it necessary to state “not all men etc” at any point, please remember this; when feminists talk about equality, we talk about both sexes as a whole.

When men are generalised, there is no need to be on the defensive  And the only reason there is more chat about women’s rights at the moment is because a lot of the stuff going on is subject to women. So support as best you can and try to avoid the “but I didn’t!” remarks. We know it probably wasn’t you, Dennis, so please calm down. X

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