This is my own little project that I like to call;

‘Acting On Life’.

I wanted a place to put my own thoughts and musings on the industry I’ve entered in to, and the life I sometimes feel unprepared for.

Kill Them With Kindness

Kill Them With Kindness I’ve not written in a while and I am determined to amend that. However, I’d like to have a chat to you about a big topic. I hope you don’t mind… The laws being passed in American about abortion and LGBTQI+ couples adopting have becoming overwhelming and I fail to understand …

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Letters To The Earth

  Today, I had the intention to write about food. Anyone who knows me knows I love food and also love to Instagram about my delicious creations. However, a few hours ago, a news article caught my eye. It was called “Letters to Earth”. I read a little about it and have an overwhelming urge …

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Here, There and Back Again

Struggling with Homesickness and Loneliness February 2019, it’s lovely to see you … What do you mean it’s March?! Okay, I’ll put my hands up; my blog post a month hasn’t gone according to plan, but it can be fixed. You get two this month, you lucky ducks! This month saw me return from my …

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New Year, New Idea

Good afternoon thespians, strangers, family and any animal that has developed incredible computer skills. I owe a small apology… I have not been writing like I said I would be. Granted, I don’t expect too many readers here, but I am accountable for my own actions and I am shocked at myself for saying so …

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Yo Ho, an Actor’s life for me!

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post. To be honest, it wasn’t a lack of time or not having any ideas to write about but it was due to the fact that nothing has been happening! Today, sat on my sofa, a glorious Monday shinning through my living room windows, only …

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Graduation and the Unknown

My Graduation. Bath Spa University on the 21st July 2017. Yep, there I was with my three housemates who became three of my closest friends. Don’t we look fabulous?! We had our ceremony in Bath Abbey; anyone who has been to visit the historic city will know just how grand it is. If you have …

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